The Centurions Cycling Club
Modern day centurions riding domestique for those in need. Bringing a greater cause to the individuals and charities we support.
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The men and women of the Centurions Cycling Club ride with a purpose to make a difference in the lives of others and bring awareness to a greater cause for the individuals and the charities we support. Our rides represent the challenge to overcome obstacles, and the commitment to work as a team during tough times.  They also serve as symbols of freedom and security, which is our way of honoring the Centurions of today, the men and women of law enforcement. It's our pledge to bring community awareness to our mission, so those in need can benefit.
In the early days of the Roman Army, there was a special class of officers known as Centurions. These brave and dedicated officers were considered one of the first forms of law enforcement. Much like the centurions of the past, members of the Centurions Cycling Club are known for their courage, compassion and willingness to help those in need.
Cycling is a team sport made up of several Domestiques and a Team Leader. The Domestiques work for the benefit of the team and the team leader. A group of cyclist made up of Domestiques, helping the Team Leader as they ride, while working together is far more efficient and effective than any one rider working alone. The same is true in life when we choose to domestique and support those in need we can accomplish so much more together.

The Yellow Jersey

In cycling, the rider wearing the yellow jersey represents the leader. With Team 3C, it represents inspiration.

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